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Catapulting a global brand to being an industry leader in food safety

Costco first began using Thermo-Simple in the summer of 2005. And, although they initially limited their test to three Arizona warehouse locations, in only one year Thermo-Simple had become the standard U.S. specification replacing standard thermometers, in every domestic Costco warehouse location.

Fast forward to 2014 where Thermo-Simple is now in 649 Costco warehouses globally, with more than 24,000 units installed. More important than volume, are the changes we created within Costco as a company and the overwhelming savings it has delivered to their bottom line:

  • Thermo-Simple created instant efficiency, saving thousands upon thousands of hours that used to be put towards to temperature walk times in every store nationwide
  • Thermo-Simple has been a major component in helping Costco cut their food loss to its lowest margin in the history of the company
  • The simplicity of Thermo-Simple was the linchpin for the implementation and success of Costco’s highly regarded global food safety program

In the end, Thermo-Simple became more than a hardware switch. It became a powerful operational strategy that moved the limited expertise of only a few HACCP trained staff members into the empowering hands of over 180,000 Costco employees. In an instant, every employee suddenly became a key factor in driving food safety and saving the company thousands of dollars each and every day. And now, with a track record of success and Thermo-Simple working across the board, they have become the perceived industry leader in food safety and food loss prevention.

Whole Foods Market

If saving thousands each month at every store isn’t convincing enough, how about saving $200,000 at just one store in just one incident?

Whole Foods Market began slowly integrating Thermo-Simple into their stores in 2008. However the game-changing moment didn’t arrive until 2010.

It was then that a new Whole Foods store was being opened in California. Thermo-Simple thermometers were installed throughout the store and the team was set for their grand opening. Then, without even a month having gone by, employees throughout the store noticed the Thermo-Simple devices flashing in alarm mode. Strangely, they showed no computer alarms going off — which were hooked to the traditional alarm system – yet the Thermo-Simple alarms continued to sense problems.

After calling a service technician onsite they discovered that the main compressor system was offline and the traditional computer alarm system had failed to alert them due to a network communication error.

Despite all of the problems that were occurring quietly behind the scenes, Thermo-Simple still effectively kept the problem front and center for everyone to monitor. And more important than that, Whole Foods saved over $200,000 in product in this single instance.

All thanks to Thermo-Simple.

Needless to say, Thermo-Simple is now currently the standard specification for almost every domestic Whole Foods Market location.

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