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The Thermo-Simple Difference

That was then...

old thermo q55


Simply reads temperature and displays in an archaic analog dial

Remote analog probes are rarely accurate

Only a technician can identify a problem

Creates incessant false alarms for service technicians


This is now...

new thermo q55


Digital display makes temperatures easy to read

Digital sensor technology eliminates false temperature readings

Simple multi-color display system alerts any employee of a problem

End food loss completely

Take food safety to the next level by involving every employee on the floor

Key Benefits

Proven Savings
One of the top five U.S. grocery retailers reduced product loss and expenses by an estimated $200K in one year using Thermo-Simple thermometers
OEM availability
Thermo-Simple is available with most OEM’s and in both round and rectangular models
Simple retrofit
Retrofitting is simple and can be installed by any refrigeration/electrical contractor
More facts
33,000+ Thermo-Simples have been deployed in 21 countries
Can be interfaced with existing EMS or store alarm systems
100% digital with guaranteed accuracy and a full three year warranty
Patented and proven to save

Patented Multi-Color System

Just one look and the difference is obvious

Thermo-Simple is designed to analyze the three types of refrigeration conditions and depict them in bold multi-dimensional light effects. Without digging any further than its outside appearance, our powerful difference is made obvious.

This simple intuitive color system empowers every employee on the floor to easily identify if there is a temperature problem. If you can use a stop light, you can use Thermo-Simple.

green q55


Below set points. Operating normally.

amber q55


Above set points for 60 minutes.

red q55


Above set points for two hours.

On a mission to end food loss

forty seven


Something simple can change everything

Every year, over $47 billion dollars is sacrificed to food waste and food loss in the retail industries.

Thermo-Simple was developed knowing that if we were able to take the expertise that was limited to only a few trained employees, and open it up to every employee on the floor, that literally, miracles could happen.

Our mission is to empower the industry with a solution that could eliminate food loss completely.

Something as simple as green, yellow, and red linked together with a wireless network might be the game changer for both business savings and food safety and per capita food waste elimination.

The ultimate step in food safety

How safe do people think your store is?

Every day a new story breaks confirming customer’s fears about salmonella, E. coli, and a 101 other foodborne illnesses. The halo effect forces them to question their safety and to mentally rank every store or restaurant they frequent as “safe” or “unsafe.” And, what they believe is based largely upon what they experience and what they read. One unfortunate incident in the news or a bad in-store scene means you lose the lifetime value of that customer, instantly.

Thermo-Simple has been designed to address both perception and reality, at the same time. It’s simple color-display reassures even shoppers, that everything is up and running fine. Positive perceptions all around. And more than that, with 10X the number of employees empowered to catch any problems early, food safety is by default literally at an all-time high. It’s a win-win situation all stemming from something as simple as using a Thermo-Simple thermometer.


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