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The TS2

One-glance protection

The TS2 is designed to analyze refrigeration conditions and translate them into bold multi-dimensional light effects. This empowers every employee on the floor to easily identify if there is a temperature problem.

ts2 green q55

Below set points. Operating normally.

ts2 amber q55

Above set points for 60 minutes.

ts2 red q55

Above set points for two hours.

Optional ZigBee wireless coming soon

With the optional TS2-BGA-Z and TS2-GAR-Z models, the TS2-Z, is available to allow for wireless remote temperature monitoring.

The TS2-Z uses built-in Zigbee, a standards-based wireless technology designed to address the unique needs of wireless sensors and control networks in the food and grocery industries, for wireless networking.

Eliminate false temperature readings

When archaic vapor charged dial-thermometers begin to lose vapor, the dial incessantly reports inaccurate temperatures and generates false alarms.

The Thermo-Simple however, is the first and only 100% digital thermometer, utilizing digital temperature sensor technology to eliminate false temperature readings.

Proven Savings

One of the nation’s top 5 U.S. grocery retailers replaced their outdated vapor-based dial thermometers with digital Thermo-Simples and reduced product loss and expenses by an estimated $200,000 in the first year.

OEM and retrofitting made easy

Thermo-Simple is available with most OEMs and is designed specifically to make retrofitting very simple.

Our units can be installed by any refrigeration or electrical contractor and are NSF approved.

This is not our first rodeo

More than 33,000 Thermo-Simple digital thermometers have been deployed and successfully installed in the United States and 20 other countries worldwide.

Integration with what you’ve already got

All Thermo-Simple thermometers can be interfaced with an existing EMS (Energy Management System) or exsiting store alarm systems.

Old vs New

The next evolution is here — compare for yourself

analog q55


Simply reads temperature and
displays in an archaic analog dial

Remote analog probes
are rarely accurate

Only a technician can
identify a problem

Creates incessant false alarms
for service technicians

digital ts2 q55


Digital display makes
temperatures easy to read

Digital sensor technology eliminates false temperature readings

Simple multi-color display system
alerts any employee of a problem

End food loss completely

Take food safety to the next level by involving every employee on the floor

one store

Sign-up to test one store and we’ll show you in just 30 days a reduction of food loss and a whole new standard for food safety.

Testing Process

Step 1: Determine total Thermo-Simple need in the testing store (up to 8 units)
Step 2: Set current baseline — what is food loss per month currently & how many employees contribute to food safety?
Step 3: Schedule installation dates (usually one week max to install one store location)
Step 4: Training documents delivered and installed throughout store for employees
Step 5: Monitor and evaluate throughout the 30 days
Step 6: Food loss comparison and food safety questionnaire to all employees


TS12 Support & Documentation

Download Manuals & support contact

Click the links to the right to download our current manuals.

If you have any questions you can’t find an answer to, call us at (530) 666-3020 during normal business hours — 8:30am to 5:30pm (Pacific Time). Or, email us and someone will reply within one business day.

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