Thermosimple 1 - thin to win

Thermo-Simple 1

The color alerting thermometer that’s made thin to win

Thermo-Simple 1 - The color alerting thermometer that’s made thin to win

Old analog themometer

The Legacy Thermometer

  • Difficult to read archaic analog dial
  • Accuracy questionable with remote probes
  • Expert technician required to identify a problem
  • Highly prone to generating false alarms
Thermo-Simple 1

Temperature Measurement Evolved

  • Digital display enables accurate temperature reading
  • Digitally calibrated sensor eliminates inaccurate measurement
  • Color display scheme clearly flags up any problem
  • Takes food safety to the next level by empowering every employee

A Thermometer with Color Displays

Thermo-Simple 1 is designed to accurately monitor refrigeration conditions and translate them into bold, clear light signals that empower every employee to easily identify and report a temperature problem.


TS1 green

Solid Green signals normal operation

TS1 amber

Flashing Amber signals temperature above set points for one hour

TS1 red

Flashing Red signals temperature above set points for two hours

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Thermo-Simple 1 is a low profile configuration of a fundamentally new type of commercial grade thermometer for refrigeration and freezer monitoring. Factory calibrated digital sensor accuracy, combined with an easy to read digital display eliminates uncertainty over current conditions. And its programmable logic enable a flexible system of watchpoint temperatures to be set that trigger a highly visible. unambiguous set of color alerts to flag up error conditions. A unique magnetic tool programming interface protects setup integrity in normal use while enabling technicians to verify operation and override defaults as required.

Thermo-Simple is available through most system OEMs and is designed specifically to make retrofitting very simple. Units can be installed by any refrigeration or electrical contractor and are NSF approved.

Thermo-Simple color alert thermometers can even be interfaced with an existing EMS (Energy Management System) or current store alarm systems to provide a multi-level protection system. Tens of thousands of Thermo-Simple devices have been successfully installed and deployed in the United States and dozens of other countries worldwide.


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TS1-BGA Color alert scheme

Blue: Frozen

Green: Fresh

Flashing Amber: Needs service

Purple: Defrost cycle enabled

TS1-GAR Color Alert scheme

Green: Normal operation for any setting

Flashing Amber: in alarm for 1-2 hours

Flashing Red: in alarm more than 2 hours


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